About and FAQ

Soul Soundwave is a music and sample library curated by hip-hop producers and multi-instrumentalists. Each recording is carefully crafted with sampling and sonic textures as a focus, using outboard analog gear and producing high-quality analog recordings to loop, chop, reverse, pitch, slow, filter, and flip however you want. Each sample layer is recorded with care and passion for excellence. Each composition is recorded and mixed through analog gear with analog tube preamps, compression, and eq to marinate the texture of tape harmonic saturation for an enhanced sonic character.

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I purchased a kit, where do I download it?

All sample packs and digital download links are sent to the e-mail address used at checkout. Sometimes, some e-mail providers (Gmail,Outlook,Hotmail) and 3rd party filters will send the e-mails to your SPAM folder. If you used PayPal, check the e-mail address associated with your Paypal account.

Please check your SPAM Folder/Filter before contacting Customer Service. The subject line for order e-mails looks like this: Downloads for Order # 

If you have further trouble locating your order download link, contact Customer Service by emailing info@soulsoundwave.com, our contact us page by clicking here, or retrieve your past orders click here.

Why aren't your samples royalty-free like Company XYZ?

Many companies choose to offer their samples royalty-free and produce a high volume of material for producers and creators to use however they would like. Our approach is different - we take great care and time to provide the highest quality recordings possible, many of which are much longer and much more layered than the average royalty-free sample.

I have song that's being released from Soul Soundwave Sample Library, how do I get it cleared?

For Recordings to be distributed or released via a Major Label or Large Indie Label, or any Minor Release that exceeds one million streams on Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube, please see THIS PAGE. If you determine you need clearance, or are unsure, email info@soulsoundwave.com.

For sample clearance of Major/Indie Label, Sync, and/or independent artist release over 1M streams, please contact: info@soulsoundwave.com

Read Here: Master Clearance Guarantee